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THE LATEST WITH RANKERS NZ    -  They are removing all the good reviews  and leaving the negative reviews on their website from Walkabout  as we are not a paid member of we have asked them repeatedly to remove them as both of these hirers received brand new vehicles and both did damage upon return and didnt think they had to pay for it  !!
Both argued with us  and then decided they would place a review that was untrue .

We have contacted rankers nz  supplied evidence with damage invoices on both occasions and they will not remove the reviews 
we are unpaid members .   Rankers receives a commision on bookings received through their website  with those that pay and they are making a business out of  their website 

Go  to   to see  our honest reviews  


Walkabout Rentals have been having a contstant battle with rankers new zealand regarding our rankings being removed from the rankers website .
This has been going on since April 2010 

Our Rankings reached 82% on the rankers website(click here ) 
A customer had emailed to advise us of their ranking being removed from the rankers website .
We immediately contacted rankers to be advised ," they did not believe this to be a legitimate ranking  , we were then advised by rankers that all rankings were checked out on a individual basis  .
We then contacted this customer and asked  did rankers contact you  ? the answer was no?

We then contacted rankers again to offer to pay to become  a favoured member of the rankers website, they said they are revising the system ?    as their website states the following by being a paid member :

 *Eliminate competitors
  *Infiltrate enemy territory

Since then we have had a number of customers emailing us to advise that their ranking has been removed from the rankers website  , we have then contacted these customers in return , and every case rankers has not done a verification check  .
It seems to be  most favoured with rankers you have to pay to become a recognised ranker ?

UPDATE  13- 4-2011  -  Testimonial was done on rankers website by a customer , couple of tourism companies in NZ  phoned Walkabout to advise this ranking was removed by rankers new zealand   ,

see the proof  here

Is this a trusted way of handling testimonials  ?